About Southwest Gooseneck

Since our inception in 1998, Southwest Gooseneck has grown to be one of the most respected trailer manufacturers in Texas. Being on the leading edge of trailer manufacturing requires us to supply our customers with the highest quality products.

Southwest Gooseneck is dedicated to making your purchase of a new Southwest Gooseneck trailer easy, and we ensure excellent service after the sale. We will assist you with any and all types of trailers. Whether it is an equipment hauler, lowboy trailer, bobcat trailer, landscape trailer, car hauling trailer, motorcycle trailer, construction equipment trailer, we build a trailer for every demand. Southwest Gooseneck offers the highest quality trailer for every need. We specialize in custom-built trailers and the engineering of each trailer model is geared toward the do-it-yourself-er, landscaper, car or motorcycle enthusiast, and contractor.

Southwest Gooseneck does not use mass production assembly lines. Each trailer is hand crafted and attention is given to every detail, which makes each trailer truly custom built. It is this attention to detail and the integrity we put into our trailers that makes Southwest Gooseneck one of the most reliable trailers on the market. Having this reputation brings many new customers to us and keeps them coming back.

Key Personnel

David Elam


Employed since July 1994

Jason Counts


Employed since May 2001

Alfedo Carrera


Employed since October 2004

Antonio Carrera


Employed Since June 2001

Paul Juarez


Employed Since December 2002


Jason Vacek


Employed Since January 2000

Pete Panse


Employeed since November 1998

Abraham Rodriguez


Andres Marquez


Mark Gonzales



Take a look at the gallery of some of our current models. We manufacture most any type of trailer imaginable. From hauling golf carts to muscle cars to heavy machinery, we can build a trailer right down to the last detail you want.

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