Southwest Gooseneck Single Axle Utility

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Sizes range from 5' wide x 8' long to 83" wide x 14' long, 2"x2" box tube top rail, forged coupler, 3.5k Dexter axle, new ST205x75D15C tires on mod wheels, 2" treated decking, LED lights

Standard Features
Additional Features


G.V.W.R 3500 lbs.

Suspension Eye-to-Eye 4 Leaf Spring

Coupler 2" 7k Adj. Channel

Tires ST 205/75 15" 6 Ply Bias

Safety Chains 1/4"x5' Transport w Grab Hook (2ea.)

Spare Tire Mount Located in Tongue Area

Top Rail 2"x2" Box Tube

Wheels 15"x6" Silver Mod With Chrome Caps

Tongue 3 Piece Channel

Floor Wolmanized 2" Pine

Frame 3"x2"x3/16" Angle

Lights LED - D.O.T.

Cross members 3"x2"x3/16" Angle

Break-Away System Meets D.O.T. Specifications

Fenders Heavy Duty Steel

Safety Marker Tape Meets D.O.T. Specifications

Ramps Optional Ramp Gate

Electrical 4-way Flat Pin Plug

Axles Dexter 3500 lbs. Axle

Finish (prep) Phosphorus Washed, 100% Primed

G.A.W.R. (each axle) 3500 lbs.

Paint Exterior (2) Coat System, High Grade Finish 


Axle Upgrade:

(1) 5200 lbs. Axle (No Brake) 

(1) 5200 lbs. Axle (Electric Brake)

Tire & Wheel Upgrades:

(2) 205/75 15” 6 Ply Radial (1820 cap. each)

(2) 7.00-15” 10 Ply Bias (2335 cap. each)

Spare 205/75 15” 6 Ply Bias (1820 cap.)

Spare 205/75 15” 6 Ply Radial (1820 cap.)

Spare 7.00-15” 10 Ply Bias (2335 cap.)

Additional Upgrades:

1/8” Tread Plate Decking (Per Square Foot)

3/16” Tread Plate Decking (Per Square Foot)

1/4” Tread Plate Decking (Per Square Foot)

Colors Other Than Black (Per Trailer Foot)

Solid Sides Standard Height (Per Trailer Foot)

Expanded Metal Standard Height (Per Trailer Foot)

Aluminum Tongue Box

4’x60” Ramp Gate

4’x77” Ramp Gate

4’x83” Ramp Gate

Swivel Jack

Caster Wheel

A-Frame Elec. Powered Jack

Chrome Bike Chock

Hunter Special Package

Split Ramp Gate

Bi-fold Ramp Gate

Spring Loaded Ramp Gate

Dovetail with 3’ Ramp Gate

Battery for Powered Jack



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