Southwest Gooseneck Single Tandem Gooseneck Equipment Hauler

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Sizes range from 102" wide x 25' long to 30' long, including a 5' dove tail, 2 - 7k Dexter axles, 12" I-beam neck & frame, 3" I-beam cross members, new 7.50-16" 10 ply tires on mod wheels, 2" treated decking, LED lights

Standard Features
Additional Features


G.V.W.R 14,000 lbs.

Suspension Slipper Springs

Coupler 2-5/16" Adjustable Pipe

Tires 7.50-16" 10 Ply Bias

Safety Chains 3/8" with Grab Hook (2)

Spare Tire Mount Located in Gooseneck

Jack (1) 12k Drop Leg, Spring Loaded

Wheels 16"x6" White Mod With Chrome Caps

Neck/Uprights 12" I-Beam

Floor Wolmanized 2" Pine

Frame 12" I-Beam

Lights LED - D.O.T.

Cross Members 3" I-Beam @ 24" Centers

Break Away System Meets D.O.T. Specifications

Side Rails 5"x6.7# Channel 1/4"x2" Rub Rail

Safety Marker Tape Meets D.O.T. Specifications

Ramps 3/16" Spring, Double Hinged

Electrical 6-Way Insulated Cable with 7-Pin Plug

Axles (2) Dexter 7k lbs. 2 Electric Brakes

Finish (prep) Phosphorus Washed, 100% Primed

G.A.W.R. (each axle) 5560 lbs.

Paint Exterior (20 Coat System, High Grade Finish 



Trailer Models:

GE2586207E - 20’+5’ Dovetail 

GE3086207E - 25’+5’ Dovetail 

Axle Upgrades:

7000 lbs. 2 Brake Hyd Disc

7000 lbs. 2 Brake Torsion 

7000 lbs. 3rd Elec Brake Axle

8000 lbs. 2 Brake 

8000 lbs. 2 Brake Torsion 

8000 lbs. 3rd Elec Brake Axle       

Dexter Air Flex Susp (2 Axles)***  

***Dexter Air Flex Requires Torsion Axles

Additional Upgrades:

Recessed Chain Tie Downs

LED Mid-Turn Signals

Toolbox 18”x18”x36” 

Toolbox 18”x18”x48” 

Toolbox 18”x18”x60”  

Additional Ramps (per) 

Tread Plate over Ramps 3/16” (2) 

Locking Chain Tray 

Pop-Up Dovetail 

D-Rings (each)

2nd 12k Standard Jack 

12K Electric Jack (ELPAC)

2 – 12K Electric Jacks

12K Hydraulic Jack 

2 – 12K Hydraulic Jacks 

1/8” Tread Plate Decking (Per Square Foot) 

3/16” Tread Plate Decking (Per Square Foot) 

1/4” Tread Plate Decking (Per Square Foot)

Colors Other Than Black (Per Linear Foot)

(to be upgraded separately)

Tire & Wheel Upgrades:

(4) 235/85 Radial 10 Ply (3500 lbs. Capacity each) 

(4) 235/85 Radial 14 Ply (3305 lbs. Capacity each) 

(4) 235/85 Radial 14 Ply Goodyear (3750 lbs. Capacity each)

Spare 7.50-16 Bias 10 Ply (2780 lbs. Capacity) 

Spare 235/85 Radial 10 Ply (3500 lbs. Capacity) 

Spare 235/85 Radial 14 Ply (3305 lbs. Capacity)

Spare 235/85 Radial 14 Ply Goodyear (3750 lbs. Capacity) 



Take a look at the gallery of some of our current models. We manufacture most any type of trailer imaginable. From hauling golf carts to muscle cars to heavy machinery, we can build a trailer right down to the last detail you want.

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